Surprins de vreun acronim necunoscut?

Uitativa in lista de mai jos si familiarizativa cu semnificatia lui.


acronim= un cuvant format din initiale

AFAIK     as far as I know
AFK            away from keyboard
ASAP            as soon as possible
A/S/L            age / sex / location
BBIAB            be back in a bit
BBL            be back later
BBS            be back soon
BRB            be right back
BTW            by the way
FFS            for f***'s sake
FU            f*** you
FWIW            for what it's worth
FYI            for your information
GTFO            get the f*** out
GTG            got to go
HB            hurry back
H/O            hold on
J/K            just kidding
IDK            i don't know
IIRC            if I recall correctly
IMO            in my opinion
IMHO            in my humble / honest opinion
IRL            in real life
LMAO            laugh my ass off
LMFAO            laugh my f***ing ass off
LOL            laugh out loud
NFI            no f***ing idea
NP            no problem
OMG            oh my God
OMFG            oh my f***ing God
OP            original poster
PM            private message
ROFL            rolling on floor laughing
ROFLMAO            rolling on floor laughing my ass off
RTM            read the manual
RTFM            read the f***ing manual
SFW            safe for work
STFU            shut the f*** up
TBH            to be honest
TC            take care
TIA            thanks in advance
TTFN            ta ta for now
TTYL            talk to you later
TY            thank you
THX            thank you
WB            welcome back
WE            whatever
W/            with
W/O            without
WTF            what the f***
WTH            what the hell
YW            you're welcome

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    bau-bau (Saturday, 07 March 2009 07:37)

    multumesc celor ce mi-au trimis acronime noi ce nu au fost in lista ;)